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Music I listen to

Any music that is good for me... it's hard to generalize because they're a variety!

Interesting facts about me

I love anime!~ especially Rumiko Takahashi's works and Daa Daa Daa.
Even though these anime are quite past tense, I still am attracted to it. Weird, eh? People of my age like the new ones... *sigh* I'm a vanilla classic person. I like classical stuff... They never get old! Just like me.. I don't grow tall anymore.. haha!~
I really like Rumiko Takahashi and her life story inspired me. Now I have a reason not to get married! haha~! (^-^)
I like almost every form of art... even martial arts that I used to hate (thanks to Takahashi-sensei I don't anymore)
My life is a bit influenced by anime. (I don't talk to my friends now because they don't relate with what I'm talking about which is mostly anime.. haha~!)(Sometimes, anime can ruin your life but not as much... I influenced my brother so I have someone to talk to whenever I'm bored.. so we'll talk about anime!!~)
I am computer addict!!~
If you'll meet me in person, I am not the person that blabs just like what I do in the Net. They say that I'm shy... and I barely talk... They say I'm 'smart' but I'm sooooooooooooo lazy.

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